A Mighty Mug for a Mighty Mama (or Papa), Product Review and GIVEAWAY

When Mike reached out to see if I would be interested in doing a product review for Mighty Mug, I clicked over to their website. Within 10 seconds, this video promotion had me sold. A classy mug that can’t tip over? I considered...I remembered a story about how my sweet husband managed to spill his entire water bottle into his dress pants pocket. I thought about all of the student essays I had returned with coffee stains on them. Hmm, target market right here.

It was time to pick out my Mighty Mug. I loved them all. Also they were almost all under $20! Can you say holiday gifts? In my new position with the university, I have meetings across campus. Perhaps a nice stainless steel mug with a lid would serve me better than my beloved red latte cup that cools instantly and let’s be honest, spills everywhere the second I try to take it to a meeting. I think they call this, growing up.

I chose the  solo stainless mug. It had me, at fits under Keurig. I know coffee makes friends, so I have a Keurig in my new office. Our Mighty Mug arrived and we couldn’t wait to try it out. I sent my mom that video link and she came over too. For her, try it out meant, knock it over. She pushed. She jabbed. She prodded. She looked at it, looked at us, drove her weight into and knocked it down, triumphantly. I love my mom.

Otherwise, I have been pleasantly using my Mighty Mug for weeks now, and have had zero spills. It’s a great mug, even without the fancy smartgrip technology, my sweet green tea, spiced apple cider, and everyone's fall favorite, frothy pumpkin coffee, all stay hot. I’m juggling hundreds of projects in my new position, which means my sweet breakfast beverage sometimes is abandoned for hours. Even if I have stacked papers all around it, and balanced my files on top of it, nothing is knocking that mug over, except maybe my tenacious mom. When I get to my coffee, it's hot, delicious and not on my papers.

This is, without a doubt, my new favorite professional mug. My husband is jealous. Don't worry, I'll order him one too. This is the perfect mug for working parents. Why? Because working parents are tired. And without Mighty Mug, tired professionals spill steaming hot drinks all over their files. Go ahead, mamas and papas, kiss your babies, go to that meeting, have your pumpkin latte and drink it too.

Then when Friday comes around, take it home, and bring your coffee on a trail walk with the kids. 

Now readers, it’s your turn. Of course, I remembered you! Mighty Mug is generously giving away one of their fantastic spill-proof mugs to a lucky reader. Click here to enter. Contest closes, October 7, Good luck, friends!

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