Our Shadow

Shadow joined our family ten years ago. We were living in a tiny studio in Berkeley, CA and I was terribly homesick.  

She was a present from Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Gordon and the perfect addition to our newly wed family. We all fell in love immediately. 

She grew into a loyal friend, an enthusiastic running partner and the most attentive and caring nurse. She loved to cuddle and was the best napping partner you'll ever meet.

When Chris and I became parents she loved and protected our children fiercely.  She hated thunderstorms, always using them as an excuse to join us in bed.

Earlier this year she was diagnosed with cancer and late last night after full day of cuddling each of us she passed on. Our family is heartbroken to say goodbye. Today though we are trying to focus on the full decade of happy and loving memories we shared with our sweet pup.

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