Christmas at Our Chateau

As most of you know I am taking my comps right now. Knowing that I would need lots of time to focus, we decided we'd have to skip the annual traveling this year. This meant, for the first time, we would celebrate Christmas just the four of us at home. While it was hard to be away from our extended family, there was something wonderful about a quiet Christmas at home.

On Christmas Eve we dressed up for church. It was great to attend services at our church. 

Chris and I talked through what we wanted our Christmas at home to look like. Normally we alternate years between my family and Chris' and let the respective families plan our events. This year we got to blend old traditions into our own.  After church, we turned Our Chateau into a fancy restaurant at home.

After dinner we all opened one present--new pajamas.

The kids put out cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. Lilah kept telling us that Santa would only come when we were all asleep, so she had us tuck her in and I have never seen her fall asleep so quickly. In the morning she and James raced down the stairs in traditional fashion to open their stockings and a few Santa gifts. 

We made a simple eggs benedict for breakfast. Simple eggs benedict, you read that right. Recipe coming soon. 

After breakfast we had a few more special presents to open...

While we love a white Christmas, this year it was 55 degrees and sunny. So, we all got dressed and took little miss out for a long bike run in the sun.

We came home and made our "Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus" cake and grilled brats in the back yard.

After dinner, Lilah enjoyed a long bath with her new bath salts and rose soaps (she has very sophisticated taste for a three-year-old). James sunk into his huge new bean bag chair, his favorite song played on repeat through new speakers while he read almost an entire novel. 

Chris and I made a fire in the fireplace and cozied up for a thick slice of Christmas cake. Yes, I know it was 55 degrees outside, but we needed a fire, because...it was Christmas. 

I know, I've said it on here before, but for us, so often home is truly the best destination. 

Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with love and warmth.

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