Breakfast for Teachers: Simple Holiday DIY for High School Students

On the eve of the last day of the semester I realized with alarm we hadn't made our traditional holiday gifts for our children's teachers. My close friends and family know I am working on my PhD comps, so it's been even more of a flurry around here. We needed something simple, and between the two children they have A LOT of teachers. As a teacher myself, I am so appreciative of any kiddo who takes the time to wish me a happy holiday, but I especially treasure homemade student gifts--you know the thoughtful kind, that parents and kids probably didn't think of the night before... Then it struck us! The perfect gift. And the best part? James did most of the work. I know, win, win!

Breakfast for Teachers


* Sparkly gift bags
* White tissue paper
* Hot Chocolate (one or two packs per bag)
* Candy Canes (for stirring the hot chocolate, of course)
* Clementines or oranges
* Homemade breakfast bread (muffins, mini sweet breads, etc.) I gave James a very simple recipe. Over the evening he made five batches of pumpkin spice muffins.
* Thank you/holiday notes (example on the right)

Choose a simple recipe for the breakfast bread.
While the breads are baking, work on the notes.
Make an assembly line.

James was proud of his gifts and we all delighted in his teachers kicking off their well-earned winter break with breakfast made by him. (Look at that proud smile in the photo above.) James even made a few extras for his little sister's teachers. I know, what a guy!

What do you do for teacher gifts during the holiday season?

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