Turkey Place Cards, Thanksgiving DIY for kids

This was our first year hosting Thanksgiving at our home. I wanted to do a few things to make it extra special. These turkey place cards were a great touch. Thanks Auntie Jessica for helping our young artist create them. 

What you'll need:
Washable acrylic paints
Googly eyes
White water color or construction paper
Colored construction paper (optional, we chose a color that matched our napkins)
Frames (optional, we got our from the dollar store, so everyone could go home with a keepsake)

How to make:
1. Explain the craft to your young artist.
2. Paint the palm of the child's hand brown, and his/her fingers bright colors.

4. Press child's hand on white paper with fingers spread wide. Encourage the child to keep her hands as still as possible while she presses. If the child moves a bit--no worries--it just gives the turkey extra character.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all of your turkeys have been pressed onto paper. We do two hands at a time to speed up the process and so we have turkeys facing both ways at our table.
6. Clean up child's hands.
7. Help child stick on a googly eye.
8. Have child paint on legs. I recommend modeling one set of legs on a scrap piece of paper. As above, if the child makes "imperfect" legs, your guest will love the extra character.

9. You can add names, and be done here, or...

10. We let the turkeys dry and cut them out. We glued them to turquoise construction paper that matched our Thanksgiving napkins.
11. Using a sharpie I wrote a thankful message to each of our guests.
12. Finally, we framed the craft in silver frames from the dollar store. We couldn't find enough matching frames, so we had a collection of silver frames. 4 x 6s worked just fine and completed our place setting.

13. Everyone left with plans of where to display their keepsake.

Wishing you and yours a spot at a table with people you love, KFW

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