He Gets Me, A Thankful Post

Today's guest post comes from my friend Ericka Hill. Ericka makes me laugh and inspires me to be stronger (literally). Read below for her grateful testament to love. <3

What am I thankful for? There are so many things that I am truly thankful for that it's hard to pick which to write about! 

One of the people I am very most thankful for is my husband. Very few people are lucky enough to really find their soul-mate, their very best friend, that is why I am so thankful that 14 years ago I met my husband Justin. 

Justin is amazing father, husband, best friend and man. Nothing ever comes before our family. I've never met someone who totally "gets" me, like Justin. 

There are so so many amazing memories we have made together, but one of my very favorites? A couple years ago I lost my beloved 12 year-old pug. I was completely heart broken. After a few months I dog sat a friend's Boston Terrier. I fell in love with the dog and the breed! Justin searched until he found a perfect little girl. Unfortunately we didn't have much money at the time and couldn't afford her, or so I thought! Justin worked hard to gather as much junk & scrap to haul in until he had enough the money. I couldn't be more in love with my little Phoebe :)

Through my ups and downs,my joy and my pain, my laughter and my tears, Justin is always there. I am so proud of the man that he is. He never makes me doubt.."for better or for worse,til death due us part"...thank you so much, Justin Hill

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