Fall Feels Like a Promise

In Missouri the weather changes in an instant. This year we literally watched fall roll in from the north. I started daydreaming about boots and soup. 

I switch to morning drinks with spices like cinnamon, cardamom and pumpkin.  Our morning walk is crisp. Even the air tastes delicious.  Our children wear sweatshirts to school. Fall always feels like a promise to me. It feels like the start of something filled with hope. There is a closeness and warmth to the way students move together in groups across campus. Toddler’s cheeks turn pink from play. It feels like football season, like marching band season, it feels like homecoming. Trees start to blush. The sunrise is orange and pink and the sunset is an intense beam of light that flashes earlier and earlier across the evening sky.

Chris and I tuck our children in, tired from so much running and breathing in that delicious air. We sip cocoa and think back to our first autumn together all those years ago. We all sleep well under hand sewn quilts, a cold breeze blows in through our open bedroom windows.

Be cozy, KFW

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