Low-Carb Wine Country Style Fajitas

Blog readers know that we love slow cooker fajitas. I have two great simple fajita recipes to share with you. Both are staples in our weekly menus. 

These recipes are simple, flavorful, packed full of protein, low fat, and made with things I usually have in my fridge and pantry. On their own, the fajitas are low carb. However, we usually serve them with chips or tortillas or—let’s be honest--both. Once in a while, that’s fine, but this year we’re trying to get a little healthier, which means more exercise and testing out some new things in the kitchen.
For home date Tuesday this week, I warmed our leftover fajitas and built them up on organic tomato slices.
1.  Take a firmer tomato and cut in four thick slices, salt lightly.
2. Build your fajita with shredded meat and veggies, a pinch of shredded cheese, a tiny dollop of light sour cream, and garnish with fresh cilantro.
3. Serve with salsa and lime on the side.  

One tomato sliced in four thick pieces topped with fajita goodness was a satisfying serving.

Be well, KFW

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