A letter on my daughter's third birthday...

Dear Lilah,

Today you are three years old. I am so proud of the person you are becoming. You are curious about everything, which makes you an excellent learner. You ask questions constantly, smart questions, questions that make me think. You notice things, small things and big things. You are very interested in how the world works. Last night when we were driving home in the rain, you told me, “Momma your sweatshirt will get a little bit wet when we run inside, but don’t worry, it will evaporate. If it is too could you hang it up while it dries.” You say wonderful things like this all the time.

You planned out every detail of your birthday cake. You wanted to bake it with Bema. You wanted strawberry cake with white frosting and pastel colored sprinkles (that you sometimes still call sparkles.)

You sing and dance easily, often without any particular account for grace or tune, moved by pure joy. This summer you and Sophie are trying formal dance lessons and watching you is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

When I come into your room at night to say prayers and sing you your bedtime songs you still run barreling across the room into my arms. Your prayers are full of compassion and thought. You like to thank God for the homes of your friends, you still pray for the boys we met from Uganda, when we tell you a new baby is born you hold him/her in your prayers for months.

You love reading. You love everything about reading and desperately want to learn how to read independently so much so that you work on it religiously for an hour a night after songs and until you literally can’t keep your eyes open. When you finally have to give in to your soft bed you tuck in your books all around you the same as you do your stuffed animals.

Right now you want to be a pharmacist when you grow up. While this is a wise and sensible choice, we don’t want you to feel wedded to it yet. You have many adventures before you and we’ll be here to help you keep all of your paths wide open. That said, it makes my heart happy to hear you tell strangers your plans to “study math and science.”

You are happiest outdoors. This has been true all of your life. You love nature and don’t understand why we can’t eat all our meals outside. You check the garden daily and report back on the growth of our lilies, strawberries, hydrangea bush and herbs.  You love to help water the garden. You also love to help us cook, bake, and start the laundry. But you don’t love any job more than waking up your brother. I think he is your favorite person. You adore him and nothing makes me happier than seeing your love for each other.

You have a terrific sense of humor. You tell jokes that are funny; you love witty plays on words. And when you find something funny you laugh a huge laugh for such a little person. Sometimes you laugh so long and hard you get the hiccups. While I try not to brag on and on about you too much, because that is not particularly polite or healthy for either of us, today is your birthday and so I will take a minute to say that your language skills, sensitivity to others and observations about the natural world astound me. Everyone we meet is taken by your insights and charm.  

I am always proud to be your momma. We love you to the moon back forever. Happy birthday, Sweetheart!

xoxo, Momma

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  1. Awww! Your letter to Lilah almost made me tear up a bit. That is so touching. It's really amazing to see them grow up to be such wonderful kids right in front of you. Anyway, what are your plans for her birthday? What are the gifts that you plan to give her? :)
    Loretta Boronat @ My Sibling Dolls

  2. Thanks, Ericka and Loretta!

    Here are some snaps from Lilah's birthday party: http://ourchateau.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-play-date-backyard-birthday-party.html

    We tend to keep gifts simple in our family. The best gift though was having all her grandparents, aunties, and friends over to help us celebrate.


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