Team Weaver, Triathlon Relay: TriZou 2014

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a triathlon. We woke up early and drove to the University of Missouri campus in the pre-dawn light of a sunny day. We were body-marked, time chipped, and set James' bike at the transition track. 

James and I teamed for this first triathlon and I was doing the swim leg. 

A quick high five and it was time for me to go into the pool... Trizou is recognized as one of the top pool course triathlons in the nation. Michael Phelps set a world record in this pool. 

I felt a little jittery, this being my first time competing in a swim event since high school. We were lined up by times. I looked around noting that I was surrounded several very strong men on either side of me. Oh boy! That's when I got more than a little jittery. Was I in the right place? A few minutes later it was go-time, so we'd find out...

Yes, I was able to hold my own. Brimming with as much relief as confidence I pulled out of the pool and took off running down the track to find James and send him off on his bike. I saw those same jittery eyes on him that I'd had a few minutes before. He also had the only mountain bike we saw. (We're newbies.) Seriously, though, I've never seen so many beautiful speed bikes in one place.

James took off and Chris wrapped me in a bear hug and giant towel. As soon as I caught my breath, we started worrying. Was our son going to be okay on a 14 mile race loop, solo? 

We were relieved once again when he rolled down the final hill. Chris and I ran around the outside of the track to send him off from transition to the run.  

Either James or I were game for the run, but James was most excited about it so I let him have the final leg. (I know--what a nice mom!) We've done enough running events as a a family that I was't too worried about this part of the race. 

Twenty odd minutes later, he was back and Team Weaver had finished their first tri. We were rewarded with ice cold water, hot cheese pizza, and very proud smiles. 

Oh yes, and we finished the day fifth overall  in the team division!

P.S. Readers can expect more fitness posts in 2014 thanks to the fitness lottery I won from the generous folks at I Will Teach you to be Rich and the happy training partnership I've found with Ericka Hill!  With deepest appreciation to both of you for all the fitness stories yet to come, Kathryn

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