Mother's Day 2014

On Mother's Day morning Lilah broke down our door to jump in bed with me and wish me a "Happy Mother's Day." The day stayed that sweet all the way through.

For breakfast we sat outside on the deck and enjoyed omelets, lattes, and fresh fruit. The weather was perfect. We took our time.

After breakfast we took a very long walk. It was important to Chris that I set the agenda. When we got home we planted flowers and herbs in the garden. Then, we got things together for a picnic with my parents and sister at the public gardens.

My mom and I packed for the picnic separately and we both over packed. We all sat in the gazebo laughing and eating bread, cheese, tomato salad, and bowl after bowl of fresh fruit.

The children played in the grass and Chris snapped these wonderful photos of the children who made me a mother and the mother who made me, me.

It was a day for the gratitude journal. 

With love to you and yours on Mother's Day! 

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