Chalk Board Herb Garden

I LOVE chalk boards. We have two in our kitchen. We write each other messages on them and share lines of our favorite poems and songs. Chalk boards are  regular props in my photo sessions. Lilah and I also use them to practice her letters and draw each other pictures... So, when I discovered chalk board paint, I thought, pure brilliance.

This spring as we were readying the deck and garden I found a number of ugly plastic flower pots we've collected over the years. This DIY project weds our attempt to recycle/upcycle more this year and my love of chalkboard paint. (I do want to give proper credit... I don't think this idea was my own...I'm pretty sure I read it on Lacy's blog, Living on Love, a few years ago.)

On Friday night, Chris and I planned a painting date. We gathered our plastic flower pots, newspapers, and a can of chalkboard spray paint. We painted on a coat of paint and danced in the moonlight. (The dancing is optional to this project, but encouraged.) In the morning we painted on a second coat. Those plastic flower pots that had looked so lousy, were transformed into a trendy canvas for our gardening delight.

In the afternoon, Lilah and I started planting our herb garden. I love it.

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