DIY Party Banners, A Craft for Preschool/Toddler Learners

This week was spring break. It was a great week of cuddling, cooking, reading, and crafting with my kids. However, the weather was horrible. Really. There were snow flurries, tornado warnings, and a bitter cold wind. We had fires in the fireplace on multiple nights. All of this is to say, we had to bring the spring break festivities inside.

For example, on Thursday, Evelyn and her Momma (Danielle) joined us for a tea party. The girls and I offered to set up the party, while Danielle got her hair cut. She donated 8 inches to charity (that's an act of bravery in my book).  While I was slicing strawberries, toasting bread, and arranging candies in bowls, I put the girls to work making "a party banner".

To try the project at your house...

Here's what you'll need:
Butcher paper (or a floor drawing pad)
Crayons (coloring pencils and water colors optional too)
Stickers (glue and glitter optional too, though glitter is an outside activity at our chateau)
Sparkly pipe cleaner (or string)

This is a great project for little learners. They get to work creatively and cooperatively.

First, have your little ones decorate the butcher paper.

Next, cut the large paper in triangles. (Depending on the scissor skills of your little learners, they may need adult help with this step.)

Twist together the sparkly pipe cleaners (little ones can do this) to make a longer rope.

Have the artists tape triangles onto the pipe cleaner.

Next, I surprised the girls next with stickers! I gave them each a sheet of heart stickers to add a little more flair to their masterpiece.

The girls took a lot of pride in making the decorations for our party. They worked together, mostly independent of my help, for the better part of an hour.

Danielle came back, looking fantastic with her new do. The girls couldn't wait to show off their work and get our tea party started. We set out miniature plates, cups, and saucers, bowls of fruit, jams, and set the water to boil.

We drank pink tea and toasted to the promise of spring.

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