Decorating with Love, A Little Girl's Room

I love all of the love in Lilah's room. 

In the last year our littlest has outgrown diapers, changing tables, and cribs. We switched her changing table into a dresser, gave her diaper things to a friend, and this weekend her Bepa brought her a handmade "big girl bed".  I thought it was time for an updated photo tour...

The bed was built by Bepa. The quilt was made by my grandmother. The photographs on the wall were taken by me. The mural was painted by our friend Karen. The rocker was a gift from my aunt. The throw blankets were crocheted by friends. The Lilah letters were made by her auntie. Throughout her room are handmade trinkets and treasures. The starfish puzzle and heart box pictured above were also made by Bepa. The candle holder was a gift from a student. The sand-dollar was a party favor from a friend's party. There are love cards and treasured snap shots. And, of course, there are stacks of books everywhere.

Her bookcase is bursting at the seams. One basket is from a diaper cake made before she was born. The other basket is from Easter last year. The Easter basket is filled with puppets. Lately she likes to pull out a book (or a dozen) and read to her puppets. Naturally, the puppets give hilarious commentary.

I really do love our little girl's room.The pinks and browns in her room remind me a of a garden. And there is so much love in here. Light pours in from the window. It's a perfect spot for reading, singing, and snuggling together on quiet afternoons.

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