How to Make a Fantastic Fried Egg Sandwich

Chris is usually the egg chef in our family, but I do make a fabulous fried egg. My fried egg sandwiches are always met with rave reviews. Look at them. They're beautiful. I don't think I'm being egg-ocentric. In fact, I am pretty sure anyone with an ounce of patience and the right ingredients could make these. So, it's not about me. Really. If you have a teenager, I bet they could make you one. And, as our daughter likes to say, "you'd be lucky."

Ingredients (per sandwich)
2 eggs (farm fresh and local are best)
2 nice pieces of bread (homemade is best, but we rarely have time for that)
1/4 pretty organic tomato
1/2 just right organic avocado
1 thick slice of cheddar cheese
Organic salad greens
Dijon mustard
1 tbsl olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Pour olive oil into your skillet. Turn heat to medium.
2. Crack eggs into olive oil.
3. Wait. This is the key. Put the bread in the broiler at 425, add a slice of cheese to one of the pieces of bread. Ask your son about his day. Give it a minute.
4. When all of the white shows up from the eggs sprinkle with salt and pepper.
5. Wait another minute or so. Pour yourself a glass of juice.
6. When the edges start to bubble, slide your egg over the piece of toast with the cheese. The cheese will continue to melt and the egg will ooze.
7. Spread mustard over the other piece of bread. Top this piece with salad greens, avocado slices and tomato.
8. Kiss the two pieces of bread together. (Yeah, I've always been a cheesy cook.)

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