How to Throw a Fabulous New Years Party for Toddlers AND their Parents

Usually my favorite nights are quiet evenings at home: a book by the fire, a cup of cocoa and a movie, dancing in the living room in our socks, etc. But a couple times a year we turn Pandora up loud and throw a party. Our New Years Eve party has become an annual tradition. Over the years, our friends' families have grown. This year I knew we would have four little girls under the age of three. I needed a game plan. This is what we did; it was simple, and it worked, beautifully!

As Chris and I got ready for the party, James and Lilah made our go to appetizers that kids can make. When Lilah tired of that, I set her to work making party bracelets for our attendees. Pony beads, jingle bells, and glitter pipe cleaners kept her entertained until our first guests arrived. Everyone delighted in the handmade party jewelry.

Of course, none of us minded if the kids took center stage, but I also wanted the adults to be able to enjoy their own appetizers, conversations, and a few rousing trivia games. To accomplish this, an intentionally stocked craft table was key.

In addition to pony beads, jingle bells and sparkly pipe cleaners, we also had crayons and blank face masks to color.

I kept our menu to hors d'oeuvres; highly accessible for little (and big) fingers: little smokies, shrimp cocktail, fruit salad, cupcakes, chips and salsa, meat, cheese and crackers.  Serving appetizers instead of a meal made it so no one had to sit down for an uninterrupted forty minutes or more, which is good, because you never know when this might happen...

Party hats have been a standard at the Our Chateau NYE party since before everyone had littles. Target always sells a box of 10 NYE hats/tiaras for $10.  Because we were having a bigger crowd, we also picked up a few glittery headbands for a couple extra dollars. In addition to being great fun, the hats always garner a few fab snaps:

The English teacher in me believes it isn't a party without a few books...

I didn't know how late all the littles would be able to stay up for, but I wanted the adults to feel like they could stay to ring in the New Year with us if they wanted to, so we set up a big air mattress in Lilah's room. The girls were pretty ecstatic about their "first sleep over".

All the adults (and even two of the little ones) made it until midnight. We had sparkling juice and champagne toasts, hugs and kisses, and the sweetest time ringing in 2014.

Happy New Year to you and yours, 

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  1. How adorable!! I want to do something like that next year since my sister will have her babies and I can invite some other friends with kids. :)

    Have a happy 2014!


  2. This was really sweet. Sounds a lot more fun than what we did.

  3. Thanks, Mimi and Kissy! We had a great time. Happy New Year, to you and yours!
    Warmly, Kathryn

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