Cotton Ball and Paper Plate Snowmen

The polar vortex brought us a couple extra snow days. However, because not all my friends (or spouse) work for the public schools, not everyone got a snow day. This worked out for us, as Lilah had an extra friend Tuesday afternoon.

With two two-year-olds around I start searching my kitchen for ideas. Because the kitchen is the best room for brainstorming, don't you think? I put together this idea for cotton ball and paper plate snowmen. And, it worked!

Here's what we used:
Red paper plates (left over from a holiday party)
Red and yellow napkins (left over from various parties)
Cotton Balls
Pipe cleaners
Black pony beads
Glue sticks

Here's what we did:

First, I explained to the girls that we needed to build our snowmen out of snow. The girls delighted in gluing the cotton balls onto their paper plates.

Next, the girls glued down their pony bead eyes. I cut another paper plate across the bottom for the smile and gave the girls the top to color on the back for their hats.

I cut the hats out of their coloring. We "wove" scarfs out of napkins and wrapped up the snowmen's necks. Finally, we taped on pipe cleaner arms.

The girls were pretty pleased and took their snowmen immediately to the reading tent so they could read to them.  Yes, they really are that sweet. And yes, I'm sometimes nostalgic for my early childhood teaching days...

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