I am thankful for UFOs, a guest post by Rocky Christensen

Rocky Christensen is a fellow PhD student. This semester we enjoyed a late night policy class together. For the month of November, he and I shared a running joke about his working draft for the Thankfulness series. Well, to my delight, Rocky did write a thankfulness post. Thanks, Rocky for this piece!

Rocky and his wife, Emily

It all started six days ago when I found myself in the Ouachita mountains looking across hundreds of acres of land.  I heard a snapping sound, and with bated breath.  I drew my eyes to the sky to find what seemed like a UFO.  The object crept through the sky emblazoned in orange and black spinning across my vision.  I was in such a relaxed pose I had almost missed it!  As my eyes zeroed in on the UFO I squeezed my finger and saw the object shatter and disappear from my vision.  Was this a dream or a hallucination?  There was a reverberating sound that screamed across the valley and through the mountains.  

I took a deep breath of the glorious mountain air and then slowly broke the object in my hand in two and placed a few more shells inside.  This time instead of waiting, I simply yelled, “pull.”  And so ended my thanksgiving day as I shot clay pigeons from the air with family and friends.  I was reminded with every squeeze of the trigger: the beauty of the mountains, the joy of a dog at my feet, the excitement of family at my sides, the importance of comradery, the glory of fellowship, and the blessing of five years with my wife.  

Not wearing ear protection is not the only reason I will never forget that day six days past. It is also the memories that have been placed on my mind and my heart that will call me back to moments I am thankful for.  I have so much to be thankful for and won’t wait so long this year to express it.  With or without UFOs in the sky I will find one person this week to pass on my thanks to.  WIll you do the same?  

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