Christmas Gifts for Teachers, A Story of Simplicity and Cookies

There are few people more influential in our children's lives than their teachers.

I explained to Lilah "We want you to show your teachers some love at Christmas time and all year round."

As a middle school student, James has nine teachers. Nine. It's a good thing simplicity is one of our family's values.

Each year we help our children make their teachers the same gift. It's become a family tradition.  As far as traditions go: homemade gifts for teachers embodies a lot of things I want my children to learn.

First, James and his grandmother make hundreds of spritz cookies. These are the same Swedish butter cookies my grandmother made, and her mother before and so on. Click here for the recipe.

Then, I buy cookie tins at the dollar store.

I turn on Christmas music and the kids settle down to write handwritten notes. In our hurried lives, I want my children to know the beauty and strength of a simple handwritten note of appreciation. Chris and I try to model this with our own thank you notes as well as our notes to each other.

This year, even Lilah seemed to grasp that the "work" she was doing was "important". In this card below she carefully wrote both the Ls in her name and the Christmas tree all by herself. Quite an act of love for a two-year-old.

And that is exactly what I want. I want my children to pass along a little love to their teachers, who care for them five days a week through literacy, humor, expectations, and patience.

In our tradition, Christmas carols play in the background, a few cookies get eaten in the process, we package up our cookie tins, seal our Christmas cards, and in the morning our kids arrive at school with a box of Christmas love.

What do you do for your children's teachers at Christmas? Leave a comment below. Wishing you a merry and bright Friday!

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