Thankful for All Things Two-Year-Old, Guest Post by Anna Lawrence

Today's guest post comes from Anna Lawrence, the mother of one of Lilah's dearest friends. I think the other parents of toddlers can relate to this one. I know we can. Thank you Anna for contributing to the 2013 Thankfulness series. I hope you know that we are very thankful for the sweet friendship our daughters share.

They call it the “Terrible Twos” and while we have certainly had our fair share (please stop telling me how much worse three is!) I have to say that the laughter and amazement our two-year-old girl has brought us greatly outweighs the bad. Well, mostly anyway.

A two-year-old who’ll repeat basically anything you tell her can be quite an enjoyable amusement. Imagine that sweet little voice belting things like “Oh no you didn’t!”, “Go Cardinals!”, and “Rock-n-Roll!” accompanied by rock-n-roll fingers and a well-pronounced snarl. What’s NOT so much fun? The unintended repeats. Like that certain name muttered by Mommy at a rude, dangerous driver which was completely and totally called for but… perhaps, ill-timed.

Another thing we’ve enjoyed has been our frequent visits to Sophie’s Imagination Land. From stuffed dinosaurs that must be chastised for biting to her emphatic insistence that we refer to her only as “Poopy-Poo”, there is no need for cable television in this house. Sometimes Mommy is the Daddy, and sometimes Daddy is the puppy (we don’t have an actual puppy), and sometimes we are all climbing into our imaginary car seats for a trip to Monkey Joe’s.

I can only imagine our neighbors’ confusion when, from time to time when I forget that the window blinds are raised, they get a glimpse of our antics. More than once we have pulled our make-believe water wings snuggly up to our biceps and proceeded to swim through the living room.

And just when the latest tantrum has us searching for a gypsy with one shiny nickel to offer in trade, our Sophie demonstrates an affection that is three times her tiny size. With mornings of wanting some extra time in my arms, and those priceless evenings when she asks if we can cuddle and read books, it is amazing how quickly I forget her latest demonic fit. I delight as well in witnessing her expressions to others, as she enthusiastically embraces teachers around their legs (usually unexpected and from behind, barely avoiding a topple), and as she clumsily but sweetly hugs and kisses friends good-bye at the end of the day.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I am so thankful for my 2-year-old is because we almost didn’t get to have her at all. I remember the first time I heard her precious heartbeat, and even today I sometimes look at this beautiful, sweet little girl and tear up with overwhelming joy.

I’m not saying I am always good at being thankful for the twos (cringing as I think about public tantrums, whine-fests filled with indecision and meals that last way…too…long), but I do my best to always remind myself that she is truly a blessing – one that fills my life with an indescribable love, and one that I can’t imagine living without.

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