This Week in Gratitude

We’ve just enjoyed our first week of summer break. In honor of it I thought a this week in gratitude post was in order:

Chris and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary.
I sipped a homemade caramel latte while the morning breeze came in from the window and I finished up my first read of summer. 
The boys dug up and planted a new mailbox planter for us.
We made time for a long walk every day and most days our ecstatic golden retriever got came wagging along.
James and I had a sunny lunch date on our deck with plates of shrimp scampi that I made for the occasion.
We worked in the gardens. Lilah can now tell you all the steps to planting flowers: “Dirt, flower, pat, pat, pat and agua on it.”
I sang Lilah to sleep every night.
The kids and I slept in on a rainy morning. In fact I had to wake Lilah at 9:30AM.
We caught up with our friend Doug.
We spent some quality time with my Aunt Edie and Uncle Jack. The kids enjoyed: playing clarinet, exploring a greenhouse, counting fish in the pond, and eating cake with their great aunt and uncle.
The freckles returned across my shoulders.
From the window, I watched my children blow bubbles on the deck.
The flowers on our side yard bloomed in an explosion of pink.
We visited the library.
I started working on a new poem.
Lilah and I went to a summer splash birthday party for her friend Sophie.
Chris and I sat on the deck (in sweatshirts) watching the night clouds roll in.
We kept the windows open all day and night letting the cool early summer breezes fill the house.
Lilah buttered my toast.
We read more children’s books than I can count.
Lilah sang to us, and to everyone else she met.
James rehearsed a surprise selection for his clarinet audition over and over until... now it sounds perfect.
I didn’t have to set an alarm clock all week.

In short, it was a very blessed week.

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