Springtime, a birthday poem

As I was trying to decide what to write on the occasion of my daughter’s second birthday, I kept coming back to poetry. I wanted to express what a poet our little girl is. Her deep sensitivity and appreciation about the world make her who she is right now. Because Lilah is also very verbal, we get to delight in her insights about nature and life in fragments only a toddler could put together. In that spirit, I decided for her second birthday I would collect these phrases and string them together into Lilah’s first authored poem. My goal in this project was to preserve as much integrity as possible to Lilah’s voice and so I privileged authenticity over cohesion. Each couplet is complete exactly as Lilah spoke it. What follows is purely my daughter, as she is, in this moment on her second revolution around the sun.

as told by a toddler

Rain, rain, go away. All done rain.
The world is clean.

Open the curtains. The light is up.
Read books with me.

Dirt, flower, pat, pat, pat,
Water on it.

La la la la la. Hear the music.
Pretty flower. Pretty momma.

Fish: one, two, three. Squirrels, there.
Bunnies, two. Come back, honey.

Blow bubbles. In the sky. Look up.
Happy dancing. 

Sit by me. Sing to me.
Thank you. Love you.

Cold ice cream. Tiny spoon.
More party.

Babies night night. Babies tired.
Mwah, amen.

Lilah Grace Weaver, almost 2 years-old
Edited by, Momma Weaver

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