Lemonade and Lattes

Lilah and I had a surprise day just the two of us, all day. It was wonderfully sweet and simple, so simple that if I don’t write it down it might slip into the fog of fuzzy memories… There are many ways to remember your life. For the most part the way you solidify memories in your brain depends on your perspective. The perspective I share on Our Chateau is intentional.  I consciously choose to be positive and grateful and try to practice that choice in my parenting, teaching, and other human adventures. To that end, here's an account of my sweet day with my daughter.

Wanting to get our special day started, Lilah woke up earlier than she has in weeks. I brought her back to bed with me; a treat that I thought might lure her back to sleep. She had other ideas. Instead, we cuddled and talked and did not fall back to sleep. 

After a bit Lilah literally pulled me out of bed saying, "Let's make breakfast Momma."

So we got to work making a fancy breakfast. We set her foot tall children’s table with fresh picked roses from our side beds and enjoyed miniature quiches and Greek yogurt. I made a sweet latte for me and pink lemonade for her. We said, cheers and clinked our respective coffee mugs. 

After breakfast, we took a long walk on the trail. It was an unseasonably cool morning. Lilah needed a sweater (and also, according to her, two necklaces and fancy pigtail buns). As we walked the trail she called out to the birds, squirrels, bunnies, and bikers.She swung her legs back and forth and sang for almost the whole four mile loop.

By the time we got home the sun was starting to come out. We poured ice cold water and shared sticky blueberry bars. We colored and sang. I know I don’t have many more years where Lilah will enjoy my singing, so I am taking advantage now.

Lilah laid down for her nap and I went outside to do some work in the garden. While I was planting a new arrangement in one of our deck pots, she woke up. With my arms deep in potting soil, I could hear her calling to me through the monitor. I dusted off and hurried in.

Usually Lilah can’t wait to run off to her next adventure but this time when I picked her up she said, “Momma, cuddle”.

We sank into the red chair where I had nursed her as an infant, and like an infant, she fell fast asleep. I settled in, soaking this up, knowing that naps like these were also numbered and would someday be replaced by other quiet activities we would share. My daughter dreamt on top of me for the better part of an hour.

When she woke up I asked her what she wanted to do next. She answered immediately, “Blow bubbles.”  

I drove her to her favorite park, the gardens. We sat on a bench and blew bubbles while the afternoon sun sunk into the sky. When we had used up all of the bubbles we wandered around the park smelling flowers, chasing each other, and counting the koi.

When we were both tired and hungry, again, we drove home.

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