Prom 2013

My own prom was thirteen years ago. Last night I got to go again. My first prom was fun. I've always loved to dance and I had some creative high school friends. This second prom was also pretty great.

As a teacher, I usually supervise baccalaureate. But this year, I thought I'd try a different senior event, so I asked Chris to prom. The night of, my friend Kimberly offered to do my hair. She arrived with her kits of hair and make up stuff. I invited one of my student's over who wanted some extra help with her hair too.

Our getting ready party included two  moms, a high school student, a toddler, and a bubbly baby in leg warmers. Lilah heard we were going to a "fancy dress party" so she also put on a fancy dress to play "beauty shop".

Lilah was so excited she couldn't contain herself, until... she fell asleep right there in my lap while Kimberly was dusting powder on my eyes.

Once we were ready, James went with us to the fountain and took these terrific prom pictures of his parents.

We ate at Room 38, a small trendy restaurant known for great sharing plates. Two groups of students were eating there too, and they were excited to see us. Dinner was the part of the evening we were most looking forward to. As parents, it is such a treat to  get dressed up, eat good food, slowly, and sink back into a trendy couch for uninterrupted talk. 

It was an unseasonably cool evening for May.  I wrapped up in my shawl and we walked arm-in-arm across the Stephen's College campus.  As chaperones we arrived a few minutes early and got to enjoy those sweet anticipatory moments before a big event.

The students poured in looking sharp. The girls hugged me, the guys shook my hand proudly. Chris and I stayed for a couple hours, mostly standing by the breezy entryway greeting students and enjoying the company. As I watched our students, I appreciated swaying to the music this time with the benefit of perspective.

Afterward Chris and I picked up our sleepy children from my parents', tucked them in, and everyone fell fast asleep.

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