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Today we hosted our first annual high school Student Internship and Research Showcase (SIRS).  I am so proud of all of the students who presented today. Several community members told me, "Wow, kids like this give me hope that the world can change." Indeed.

Here is the editor's intro I wrote for our scholarly journal, released at SIRS.

In the last year I’ve found myself on the roof of the capitol building in Jefferson City, in a physics lab at the University of Missouri and carrying a scuba tank down our high school hallways. I’ve stomached photos of animals in all states of anesthesia and surgery. I’ve been woken up by enthusiastic early morning iMessages sent from Mongolia. I’ve proofread posters on biomedical imaging, water purification, and neurodegenerative diseases. I’ve been the receiving ear as a student flurries into the gifted room to share that his grant has advanced to the next level of review. Many of these learning opportunities were made possible through the internships supported by the Center for Gifted Education.

The practical experiences of these high level internships have enthused, challenged, and extended our advanced learners in powerful ways. Our classrooms cannot replicate what students can learn in the field. However, our students need the skills they’ve gained in their classrooms in order to be successful in the field (or lab or office). And these students interns are well prepared. Repeatedly, I hear that their honors, career and advanced placement courses have prepared them to be early participants among graduate students and professionals in architecture, engineering, chemistry, and other fields.

As a former English teacher, I could not let these valuable experiences pass, without encouraging my students to write reflections on their learning. The essays that follow are diverse, smart, and thoughtful, as are the students who authored them.

Kathryn Fishman-Weaver
Gifted Education Teacher

Click here for a story from the Columbia Tribune covering our event.

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