Kitchen Remodel at Our Chateau

Although we've had many homes together, this is our first house. We bought it in 2009, right before Thanksgiving. We've been working on it ever sense. This week we finished the kitchen.

Here we are the first night in our new home. Note the wood cabinets and wooden trim.

I don't have a great before picture, probably because I didn't love our kitchen before, but we could both see its potential.

Our first project was to paint the cabinets and trim bright white.

Next,  we tore up the weird cold tile floors. Oh my, look how much James has grown!

We put down warm light wood.

This year, with the help of the Weavers we tore out the ugly counters.

And laid down granite tile.

We rolled out sheets of stone back splash.

Everyone helped with cleanup. 

There was also grout work, plumbing work, electrical work, paint touch ups and countless other glamorous jobs that my remarkable husband and father-in-law did.

And...Ta Da!

Along the way, my in-laws gifted us the beautiful stainless refrigerator and dish washer.

We love doing home improvement projects with The Weaver family. Thank you for your generosity and know how.


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