I Love a Snow Day (or two in a row) with My Family

The snow started to fall at 8:00AM and it kept falling for hours.  The kids and I watched it come down in sheets. White light spilled in through the windows. Thunder rumbled. Lightning struck nearby. I don’t ever remember a winter storm quite like this. If “April is the cruelest month,“ February must be the must be the most erratic. Two years ago this same month we got the epic blizzard that snowed the whole city in for a week.

With school already called the night before in anticipation, we turned off our alarm clocks. The kids and I stayed in our pajamas until late. Lilah took her nap in his brother’s lap. 

With the snow still coming down hard and the strange thunder and lightning, by lunchtime most everything in the city was closed: the university, offices, etc. Chris started home. His office is six miles from our house. An hour and a half later, he made it home. Three times he had to dig himself out. Every time strangers came rushing to help. In the Midwest floods and snowstorms restore any lost faith in humanity. James walked several streets through the storm with a shovel to dig his dad out. Chris’s car couldn’t make it into our cul-de-sac so they left it a few blocks away and walked home. 

This photo was taken a few hours after that adventure...
The rest of the afternoon James spent in the snow. Growing up in California, has made every snow day a novelty. He shoveled the neighbor’s driveway. He and Chris dug another neighbor’s truck out of the snow. He built a “snow throne” He put on his helmet and mountain biked through the piles of snow. 

Yes, he wore his helmet. This picture was taken just before he walked his bike in for the night.

Around 4:00PM Lilah got jealous of her big brother’s adventures. She brought me her socks, her boots, her coat and demanded we “go outside.” So we did. We made snow balls and threw them at each other, we sat in James’ snow throne, and laughed until our cheeks were pink from the cold and from laughing. 

That night it snowed a couple more inches. We woke up to over a foot of snow. Lilah, Chris, and I had a dance party in our pajamas. By 9:00AM James was back outside shoveling the sidewalk. He couldn’t wait. Really. 

Yet another neighbor’s truck got stuck and James went running over to dig him out too.  And then he shoveled his driveway with him. Lilah watched from the window cheering them on.  

Inside, we read books. A lot of books.

At noon we all took a nap. 

By late afternoon the major roads were plowed. Although you still couldn’t make it into our cul-de-sac, my parents dropped off bread and milk in my dad’s truck. James ran out to meet them at the corner. My dad has brought me food on as many snow days and sick days as humanly possible since I left the house for college. Food is his way of taking care of his girls.   

Chris and James and a few neighbors dug Chris’ car out and thirty hours after it left work it finally made it home. Stir crazy we decided to adventure out together.  My orange car was a champ. We went out for milkshakes and hamburgers and watched an orange and pink sunset sink behind giant snow piles. At home, both our kids fell asleep fast and hard. Even the dogs were tired.  

Chris and I poured a glass of red wine and set to work on our kitchen remodel. More on that soon…

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