A Call for Guest Posts, on Love.

Growing up, Valentine’s day wasn’t a romantic holiday per say. Instead it was about love more generally. My dad would buy all of us (my mom, sister, and me) flowers and balloons. We’d eat sugary treats as a family. I’d trade cards and candies with all of my friends. As a college student I would mail my valentines across the country to my girlfriends studying on both ends of the coast and those peppered in between. There is a great sweetness in taking the time to tell someone you love them. In honor of Valentine’s day, I’ll be publishing a few guest pieces on love. In honor of our family tradition, I am challenging my writers to write about the love of family and friends. 

And if you are lucky enough to have romantic love too, as I am, go give your sweetie a big kiss, and appreciate all the people you two have in this life you’re building. 

If you are interested in contributing to my love series, email me at kathrynfweaver@gmail.com

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