Thankfulness Series 2012, In Review

Photo from our Thanksgiving Dinner 2012 at Martha and Jerry's

Our first guest series was a wonderful success. All month my readers were treated to guest posts on thankfulness. Before we dive too far into December, I wanted to publicly appreciate each of our contributors one more time. Below is a complete list of the posts from our first Thankfulness Series. Click through to re-read your favorites or catch up on any you missed. 

I am Thankful for this Path A sweet list of gratitude written by my sister-in-law, Jessica Beyare.

I Have So Many Reasons to be Thankful A post by Lilah’s toddler’s teacher, Deanna Taylor. 

I am Thankful for Running A fabulous contribution by everyone’s favorite fourteen year-old writer, my son, James Weaver.

I am Thankful for My Students An important reminder for teachers everywhere written by my friend, Jessie Jackson. 

Thanksgiving  A poem of thanksgiving written by fourth and fifth graders. 

I am Thankful for My Mom  A moving piece by my friend, Marilyn Toalson, written in honor of her late mother.

I am Thankful for Going to College in my Hometown  A post by my former student, Anna Howser on the University of  Missouri.

I am Thankful A longer, “modern family” post by our closest friend, Doug Ward.
I am Thankful for My City A lovely post by Julie Harpring on living in Chicago.
I am Thankful for This A short post by my father-in-law, Jerry Weaver

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