Monday, November 5th, 2012

You might remember a month ago that James had his first musical audition. We were so proud when he was selected as one seven clarinetists in the district to play for the seventh grade honors band. Today was their first performance.  A few of our select ensembles were asked to put on a concert for the fifth grade rising musicians. James was so excited he couldn’t sleep.  The concert was at the University of Missouri. Early this morning Chris helped James tie on his tie. Looking so snazzy I can’t believe it he and I walked across campus in the rain. I offered to buy him a hot cocoa, but he told me he was too nervous for hot chocolate. On our way, we ran into James’ favorite MU saxophone player.  It was a closed event, so once we got there all I got to do was snap this picture, wish him luck, and wait until after school to hear all about it.

I hear “it was incredible!” I have a suspicion that the second chair clarinetist in the seventh grade honor's band stole the show.

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