I am Thankful for This, A Guest Post

 This was another inbox surprise. Today's guest post comes from my father-in-law, Jerry Weaver. This year we were lucky to spend a long Thanksgiving weekend with him and Martha.

I am not a blogger but I am thankful for this:

My wife Martha who has supported me and been my best friend and love even though I have been "hard to love".

This also goes for my two children Chris and Jessica as well as my daughter-in-law Kat.  (Jeff I like you too but know you don't want me to say anything too mushy :). )

On top of this, I am thankful this life has allowed me to see my children and allowed my close family to stay close without letting issues that don't really matter get in the way of these precious relationships.

This piece is part of my thankfulness series. Here is a link to the original invite.    

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