I am Thankful for the Snooze Button

Here is my contribution to the Thankfulness Series.  Stay cozy. Love, Kathryn F-W

I am thankful for the snooze button.

When my alarm goes off at 5:20am I roll over and tap that sweet button which gifts me eight minutes of morning meditation. I sink back into my husband’s arms, settling under the quilt my grandmother sewed for our wedding.

Somewhere between awake and sleep I strain my ears to listen to our daughter breathing through the video monitor that glows on my nightstand. Down the hall I know my son is also in slumber, stretched across his full size bed, his impossibly long legs dangling off the edge.

In November, these eight minutes are still dark, frost covers the deck. My dogs are fast asleep on either side of the bed breathing hard, dreaming I’m sure, of tennis balls and dusty hot dogs. The coffee that we set the night before begins to brew.

I am thankful for the pause the snooze button gives me to take stock of my family.  I am thankful for being just awake enough to appreciate this warmth.

Of course, sometimes in those eight minutes, enveloped in a sleepy embrace, I drift back to sleep. Chris and I have spent more than a decade dreaming next to each other and it is so easy to fall asleep.

The alarm sounds again, but this time I am ready for it. I slip out from under the covers and find my way in the familiar dark of our home. I pour two cups of coffee; the second is so Chris will have a cup cool enough to drink when his alarm goes off.  Warm drinks are one way we say “I love you”.

Outside my kitchen window, stars still dot the November sky. I sip my coffee and read the news until my son’s alarm goes off. He emerges from his room, a gangly teenager. He gives me a sleepy hug good morning and pads downstairs to feed the dogs.

Chris’ alarm goes off next and I hear him stretch across the bed to tap his snooze button, just once. I carry our two mugs of coffee back to the bedroom. By the time his alarm sounds again his coffee will be his favorite lukewarm temperature.

Dawn breaks and with it another day starts in all its sweet chaos and light.

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  1. Your life is so sweet and wonderful. When I think snooze button, I am anything but thankful, kudos to you for finding the good in everything.


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