I Am Thankful for Running, A Guest Post

Today's guest post comes from my son, James Weaver. I can't think of a better inbox surprise than a fantastic essay like this, authored by my favorite running partner. The ending made me tear up. Read on and be thankful.

Exercising is one of the ways you can keep yourself healthy and fit. Running plays a very important role in your body. Running helps with the upper and lower parts of the body. 

I first started running track in 4th grade and thought: “What am I doing running track? I could be doing fourteen other things instead of sweating my head off.” But then after about three or four weeks of track, I realized that if I kept running I could sustain a fit body. “Tweet, tweet, tweet! Everybody form a big circle please!  Let’s hustle, hustle, hustle!” (Hustle was a word my fourth grade coach used ALL the time). The team formed a giant circle (there were close to 90 people on our track team). We did stretches like butterfly, superman and Hollywood. Then we would run and run and run. After fourth grade, I was hooked. 

The final hill at a Cross Country meet this fall

Now that I am 14 years old and in seventh grade, I understand what it takes. Hopefully, by the end of this story you will understand what it takes to be a distance runner and the amount of perseverance you need. Recently I finished a half marathon and it was hardcore for me. My mom and I trained and ran it together. There were about five to six small and big hills throughout the whole 13.1 mile race. The small hills were nothing. The big hills on the other hand were really hard. Speaking of big hills, those took my legs off (not literally). There was a big chunk of the race where you have to run two miles maybe three mile of trail.  The trail was muddy. At the end of the race I was exhausted and excited.

You might be thinking right now, I could never do that! Well don’t doubt yourself because of a current health issue or anything like that. Let us get off topic for a second or two… when I was seven years old I had no protein to help me grow.  Then after I was adopted I started being active and eating healthier foods, and I grew like a plant! I got all the protein, calcium and other vital ingredients that help the body. So if you think you can’t  run half marathons, think again! You have all your life to become healthy and fit. I am thankful for running because it improved my health. If you read this story, maybe you’ll consider running too. 

I, James Weaver, am thankful that I am a distance runner. 

 If you too are interested in writing a thankfulness post for this November series send me an email: kathrynfweaver@gmail.com. I still have room for a few more.  Here is a link to the original invite.

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  1. Oh my, how sweet is that! You have a good little writer on your hands.


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