A Pink Girls' Day

James and Grandpop spent the day watching football. And poor Chris was sick. So, to give him a quiet house to rest, Lilah and I took off for a girls' day.

We went to the bookstore. We read Todd Parr, and got a new Pete the Cat book (Pete the Cat and His White Shoes). We also found a magical book that has a keyboard.  Lilah snuck that one into the stroller, but then she felt guilty about it and put it back on the shelf.  I bought it for her as a surprise.

Next, we headed to the park. It was chilly today, in the forties, crisp, and sunny. Except for a family doing fall photos we had the whole park to ourselves. We chased the squirrels. First, Lilah tried running after them, then she tried creeping slowly, but every time, at the last second they shot up the tree before she could pet them. She threw her hands at her sides, turned to me and said, “oh no!”

We played tag. One of us would call “ready” and the other one would say “go” and chase. Each round ended with us collapsing on the ground laughing.

We stayed until our noses were bright pink from the cold.

Next, we stopped by my sister’s. Lilah practiced some feng shui on all of Kelsey’s collections: her Buddha statues, her rocks, her crystals, her wooden animals, etc. She even got her first hooping lesson.

And then we came home. 

We didn’t do anything remarkable today.  We didn't need to. Spending a long fall afternoon playing together: running, laughing, and adventuring as only a toddler can do was remarkable enough. We came home with happy pink souls and sweet wind kissed cheeks.

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